Our hope as parents is that we have raised our children well
Yet we find it hard to 'crack the nut' to see and hear the effects.

The Pathos Project allows children of all ages to reflect openly on their
family relationships and to express who they want to become.
This provides a surprising and rarely-seen view of their inner world.

Join with us as we are amazed at what we see . . .
In the video below Aidan voices his thoughts about his family.

A bit of background is in order:
When Aidan was 10, his father committed suicide.

A few years later his mother married Dave, who is mentioned in the video. Their blended family now consists of 6 children altogether ranging (in 2019) from 20 to 34 years of age.

After receiving this video, his mother said she watched it 20 times in the first two weeks that he was off to college, and she cried every time.

Another mother (whose two sons I have now created videos of) told me the videos are so emotionally significant for her she would have happily paid $10,000 for just one of them, .
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Charles G. Waugh
503-663-1513 ext 4